Relaunch Info

In Order to open The Aurora Social Club to our members, we have created a plan to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among the staff and patrons. Please ensure you thoroughly read the entire plan below:

The Aurora Social Club has given careful consideration to our re-launch strategy. Given the nature of our space, we have had to take additional precautions in order to ensure the safety of both our staff and our community.

In response to the Chief medical officer of health’s order 35-2020 dated October 26, 2020 the Alberta Lifestyle Clubs have been forced to once again make our case with regards to restrictions on activities within our collective spaces.

We all believe in maintaining a safe, secure and healthy environment, while providing the space our community needs to freely associate with like-minded individuals. We are classified as hospitality industry, and as such we are permitted to continue with our events and activities as planned.

With this in mind, we are making the following suggestions to our patrons for the duration of the current health crisis 

·        Patrons are asked not to attend two days in a row, and to space your visits by 1 week

·        Patrons are asked to maintain social distancing both indoors, outdoors while checking in

·        All drink requests to be via table service

·        All high touch surfaces and washrooms to be sanitized every 15 minutes

·        All patrons to be screened for COVID-19 and have temperatures taken upon entry

·        Patrons will sanitize hands upon entry, and hand sanitizer will be available at every table and at every entrance/exit

·        All patrons will be required to have a valid membership at their club of choice including a valid e-mail address on file for the purposes of contact tracing

While we all share in your frustration with these new rules, they are unfortunately the only way that we can remain open and able to service the community at this time. We respect everyone’s right to choose how to handle the pandemic.

Our collective staff remain committed to providing you with an unparalleled alternative lifestyle experience, and we will work through these challenges together, in a safe and conscientious manner.

We recognize that the social isolation has been difficult for the majority of our patrons (And our staff!) and with that in mind, we have chosen to re-open the bar space. Our events will be geared towards having some amazing socially distanced conversation with like minded people! Additionally, we are planning on some amazing socially distanced entertainment and events, including Stand-up comedy, Name that tune, Rock & Roll Bingo, and many others. We will keep the space engaging, sexy and fun, without the need to break social distancing guidelines.

Our intention is to set the bar extremely high for the safety and security of our patrons, we will have PPE including masks and gloves available at no charge, should you choose to use them.

These steps, although possibly controversial, work to keep our community safe, while still allowing for us to get together and enjoy some socially distanced conversations, and entertainment. We all have a duty to one another to keep spaces like ours safe, and we know that our community can rise to the challenge! If we all follow these new rules and guidelines, it will speed up our ability as a society to get back to “Normal”

We have increased our already industry leading cleaning and sanitization protocols to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. Our first weekend will consist of events that are designed to encourage sexy conversation and reduce the isolation that we have all been feeling. As we move forward from our first weekend open, we will be working hard to have entertainment on site that will allow for some amazing and sexy parties, while maintaining our collective ability to stay healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. If you have any suggestions, we are always open to them, please e-mail us at with any thoughts you may have.

If you choose to attend the club, please ensure you are taking the following steps:

  • Ensure you are feeling 100% and are staying home and isolated, even if the symptoms seem minor
  • You have purchased your tickets in advance, as seating at this time is extremely limited
  • You are practicing amazing personal hygiene

We have made some important changes to the club to ensure your health and safety during this time, they will be pointed out when you attend, but they include:

  • New soap dispensers in the bathrooms, which have been stocked with anti-microbial hand soap
  • Hand sanitizer stations at both the front and rear doors and on every table
  • Increased sanitization of all surfaces using Quat
  • Limited food service, if you want a snack, ask your waitress
  • All walk up bar service has been stopped. We will attend your table and serve you there.

We know that these sort of things bring a new challenge to our community, but we believe that if we work together, we can have some amazing sexy times, while still maintaining social distance guidelines!


Distancing Measures
All events will be limited to a maximum of 50 attendees Event tickets MUST be purchased in advance, walk in attendance will not be accepted at this time. Walk up bar service shall be closed as per provincial regulations Tables have been separated with a minimum of 2 meters of spacing  
All frequently touched surfaces including doors, bathrooms, tables, and seats will be sanitized using quatricide based cleaners on an increased schedule Payment processing devices to be sanitized with quatricide based cleaner after every use All regular cleaning procedures to be followed as per cleaning manual
Screening for Symptoms
All patrons are advised to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness, however minor Patrons WILL be subject to a temperature check at the door Patrons will be asked to leave if there is any indications of symptoms of illness  
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – where distancing measures cannot be maintained
Disposable gloves will be made available to all patrons and staff Reusable masks are available for purchase by all patrons All patrons MUST have the AB Trace Together App installed and active on their phones prior to entry Disposable masks are available for all staff and patrons All staff involved in drink service are to wear masks and gloves Gloves are to be changed by bar staff between every transaction Hand sanitizer stations have been installed at the front and rear entrances
All Aurora Social Club Staff are responsible for ensuring patrons maintain social distancing, PPE use, and frequent sanitization of all surfaces. All patrons are responsible for frequent hand sanitization, and staying home if they show any symptoms or feel unwell

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