Our Facilities

Our Bar and social facilities include:

  • An open concept dance floor
  • A manned DJ booth ready and willing to play your favorite music
  • Comfortable seating in our lounge space
  • A free pool table
  • A quiet meeting area in addition to the full service club
  • The LARGEST group bed in the province
  • Several Private adult spaces
  • Icebreaker games & Events

Our play facilities include:

  • The largest bed in the province
  • Several private play rooms
  • A gloryhole room
  • A well equipped “dungeon” with a variety of furniture that is frequently rotated out
  • Alberta’s only Voyeur and Exhibitionist room with a mirrored window!

Our amenities:

  • Free condoms
  • Free selections of toiletries
  • Fresh robes and linens
  • Guided tours
  • Free water in the large play areas

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