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We are located at 16412 100 Avenue in Edmonton, Our bay is clearly signed, and easy to spot. Just look for the upside down pineapples in our windows!
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Unless otherwise specified on the Events page, doors open at 7PM and we close by 3AM. If it’s your first time we recommend you come on the earlier side of things to get familiar with the space and get comfortable, it’s also a great time to ask our staff any and all questions you have.
The party really starts to pick up by 10PM however.

Category: First Timers

We get this question a lot! We always suggest that you “Dress to impress” Men, a collared shirt and some well fitting jeans or pants make a huge difference! Women, Wear as you dare! Sexy always counts!

We do however reserve the right to ask an attendee to leave if they attend looking disheveled.

Category: First Timers
First and foremost, everyone is here for the same reason, and everyone expects discretion (We demand it, remember that NDA you signed when you came in?) Nobody is going to judge you or out you, and if they do, the consequences will be severe, just let a staff member know.
Category: First Timers

When you come to our space, you’ll be greeted at the front desk by one of our hosts (All of whom are experienced in alternative lifestyles) You will have your ID checked, be provided with our Consent and Safe(r) space policy, our non-disclosure agreement, and our contract outlining your behavior and responsibilities while visiting our establishment. All of these documents will require a quick signature, then you’ll be signed in and ready to begin your evening.
If required, you will be provided a tour of the space so you’re familiar with the layout, along with an explanation of what activities are permissible in what areas.

Category: First Timers

  • Discounts on our selection of adult products in our storefront
  • Hotel Discounts with our partner hotels
  • Access to our member only events
  • Food and beverage discounts with our food service partners
  • Discounts on No More Wet Spot blankets
  • Access to all of our members only features on members.auroraclub.ca
  • Your membership is valid to Club Rendezvous and CAPC in Calgary
  • Free prize draws and giveaways

Category: First Timers

Within our facility, we have the following rooms:

  • 1 Large “Borealis” Orgy Bed
  • 2 Private Curtained Beds
  • 1 Exhibitionists room to show off your skills!
  • 1 Voyeur room to watch what’s happening in the Exhibitionist room
  • 2 Gloryhole Booths
  • 1 Kink dungeon space with a variety of kinky furniture
  • 1 Fully equipped bar and lounge
  • 1 Pool table and quiet social area
  • 1 Dance floor with a stripper pole and lapdance throne
  • 1 Retail area to provide all the sexy adult basics!

We provide the following amenities:

  • Free bottled water in the play areas
  • Fresh linens and towels
  • Fresh “No More Wet Spot” Blankets
  • Free Condoms & Lube
  • Free Lockers and locks
  • A coat check area
  • Bathrooms with supplies to freshen up, including hair ties, hairspray, deodorant, mouthwash and wet wipes.

Category: First Timers
Let a staff member know, we have a consent policy which is strictly enforced, and breaches are not tolerated at any time.
Category: First Timers

First of all, try and relax! You’ll have to spend the next little while re-training yourself, you’re now in a safe and permissive space. Grab a drink, approach others and have a conversation, Everyone here is in attendance for the same reason, to meet new like minded people!
Unlike a vanilla establishment, the other guests are here to have a conversation, meet new people and form new connections, but in order to form those new connections you have to talk with others, don’t be afraid to start a conversation!

Category: First Timers

We have all been there!

We promise you that you’re attending a safe and consent based environment. For Newbies, we recommend coming before 9PM, this ensures that you get a detailed tour of our space, lots of walkthroughs on our rules and policies, and tons of opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Our staff are ALL lifestyle participants, and are all equipped to answer any questions you may have. If we don’t have the answer, we will help you find it!

Your comfort and security are paramount to us, and we will work with you to ensure you’re relaxed, and ready to have an amazing night.

Many first time visitors do not play on their first visit, or they only play with their primary partner. This is completely normal, and totally acceptable. You are under NO OBLIGATION to play with anyone, or even play at all. Things progress at the rate you are comfortable with, and all of our attendees must be familiar with our Consent and Safe(r) space policy

Category: First Timers

You can attend anytime we are open. On Friday and Saturday evenings, there are some places within the club that you cannot enter without a partner, as we only allow voyeurism in certain locations. One of our hosts will explain these rules to you when you attend.

Category: First Timers

Just E-mail us! We’ll set up a time for you to browse our available applicants, and we’ll handle contacting them and setting up your fantasy for you from there!

Category: First Timers
Consent is key in our space, and as a participant in our club, you’ll learn that rejection is part of the fun, most often rejection doesn’t mean that a conversation ends, or a friendship cannot be formed, it just means that they aren’t connected with you on that level. It’s not like high school rejection, and it’s part of the game.
Category: First Timers

In Short, No, you can purchase your membership at the door, we have 2 options available, a yearly membership which includes all of our additional member benefits and discounts, and a 1 day membership if you’re only an occasional visitor and don’t like awesome alternative lifestyle deals and promotions

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In short, yes, you must have a valid membership to attend. We are a private members only club, and we are not open to the general public. Memberships can be purchased online or at the door.

Additionally, if you only want to attend once in a while, we can provide you with a daily membership for $10 at the door. A daily membership does NOT provide you with the additional members only benefits we offer, but simply allows you access to the club.

Category: First Timers
No, our space is just like any other lounge you’ve visited, and the same conduct applies.
Category: First Timers


Everything goes at your individual pace, and is entirely focused on consent and the rules you have established for yourself!

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact one of our fabulous staff members, we have all been there and can help you navigate the complexities of the lifestyle!

Category: First Timers

It’s amazing how often we get this question!

If you’re alive and breathing, you are attractive enough to join our club and enjoy yourself in “The Lifestyle” We see people of every sexuality, kink, religion, sexual preference, gender, color, weight, and height.

Confidence is sexy, and the human condition is sexy! Of course you’re sexy enough!

Category: First Timers

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